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Each brand is unique and with that, the approach to a digital marketing and social media strategy must be as unique as the brand you have built. Being a boutique agency we take pride in tailoring our services to best fit the needs of your brand. There is no "one-size fits all" here. 

The Fantasy Footballers podcast was already an award-winning show with millions of listeners across podcast apps and YouTube. In 10 years, the company had proven it's ability to connect with it's audience rising to become a household name in the world of fantasy sports, however the owners knew the one place where they were not industry leading was on social media. 

We embarked on a full overhaul of The Fantasy Footballers' social media channels. Our goal was to ensure everyone who visited their social feed knew this was a podcast about NFL football. No stuffy hosts with shirts and ties. These guys were real. authentic and most importantly big football fans. The results speak for themselves:

  • Half a million new followers in 6 months

  • 190% increase in engagements

  • 384% surge in video views

  • Multiple viral videos across TikTok and Instagram

  • Over 5 million unique engagements in 6 months 

The Fantasy Footballers

Brand partnerships are almost always a win-win opportunity. To celebrate Mickey Mouse's birthday, Black Tap created a new specialty milkshake. Our team was asked to create a sizzle video to promote the new Crazy Shake creation to be featured on Black Tap and Disney Parks social channels to promote the

upcoming offering.  

  • Over a million views in 24 hours on TikTok alone

  • 250K+ likes

  • 2K+ comments

  • Sold out the shake on release day  

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer
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